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6 MONTHS: I use this pen daily and it works better and cheaper than any “normal” pen by a legendary margin. I use cheap blue ink cartridges, but the robust ink flow never skips or leaks – not ever. When I whip it out people take a step back, because it’s wildly prestigious looking and heavy – lots of random compliments on the design and ink flow. The pen has also been thrown at high speeds and submerged in liquid, with only a few scuffs. It’s just brilliant.

Justin Tan
Purchased an Aurora Black from the Black Series

Nice pen for the price.

As a long time fountain pen user, I decided to see how an inexpensive fountain pen would compare to the more expensive fountains I have used.
Please note the fountain pens are highly personal. That is, how it fits your hand and writing style varies from person to person.
The medium point nib is gold colored and has very nice engraving. It write smoothly with just enough drag so it does not pull or scratch the paper.
The nib fits nicely into the barrel. The barrel is very nicely finished bamboo and the shape fits my hand. The cap is of the same bamboo as the barrel and has nice gold ring and the cap snaps in place with a resounding “snap” sound. It will definitely not come loose in your pocket. The clip has good tension to keep it firmly in your shirt/jacket pocket. The rounded end on the barrel and cap are slightly rough and the stain is slightly lighter then the barrel. It would increase the price to get really smooth and stained ends, but this does not bother me.
The one bad thing that keeps this from being 5 Star is the universal ink refill cartridge. It has an inconvenient, little tab to pull up the plunger that fills the ink. It is not easy to use. If the pen had a cartridge with a twist top and screw plunger it would be a 5 star fountain pen.

Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens
Jia Le
Purchased a B1 series handcrafted pen


This pen is beautiful! Very high quality! I knew I could trust Roméo as I have purchased a few other products from them. It has a unique colour, very different from the normal fountain pens outside! The inkflow is good and the ink does not smudge. Will consider buying more of this for my friends.

Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens
Aloysius Oh Kang Le
Purchased a Vibrance Series Vex pen

Classy and unique, well-crafted, a perfect gift that makes a statement!

This fountain pen comes in a matching case box made out of the same bamboo wood. The natural aspect of the wooden outer part is beautifully contrasted by the nib, which is plated in gold and silver and looks really classy. It fits really comfortably in my hand and looks and feels much more expensive than it really is. I find it a splendid piece of craftsmanship considering the price!

When it comes to actually using it, this fountain pen writes very smoothly on all kinds of paper, without dripping or spilling the ink. No stains at all, no matter how you use it! The pen is not really heavy, which enables precise movements and perfectly-drawn lines. Also, the cap fits on firmly, so that there is no chance of it accidentally coming off.

Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens
Jelena Pam
Our regular customer

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