Roméo, Singapore’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fountain pens


At Roméo, we strive to provide an exquisite touch to writing for every individual. Our Fountain Pens and Luxury Cases are cut, carved and polished exclusively by hand. They are 100% environmentally friendly, durable, and smooth to the touch.


With Roméo in hand, you can experience seamless writing with steady ink-flows and long lasting pen-tips. Roméo has all types of fountain pens that will definitely cater to your liking, with prices cheap and affordable for individuals of any class.


Write like a King. Relive the life of William Shakespeare. 

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Our Manufacturing Process

Principles of Our Work


We pride ourselves in giving you the widest and wildest range of selection imaginable, so you would not have to rely on that one fountain pen from the ’80s.


We strive to be as transparent as possible, providing the best quality fountain pens at their lowest cost, without any hidden price or agendas. We keep our operations clear to all our consumers.


We acknowledge and respect the various fountain pen makers around the world, and are constantly teaching and learning from them in terms of manufacture standards, nib strength and ink quality.


Being honest is a virtue that we emphasize to our employees and consumers, to give them the truth about the advantages and disadvantages of our products. Nothing is perfect in this world.

Qualified Staff

With over 10 years in experience with designing and producing fountain pens, Roméos’ staff are equipped with all the skills to design the best fountain pen that suit YOUR needs.

Modern Technologies

Crafted by state of the art technology, writing experience with Roméos’ fountain pens have never been more pleasant. Smooth texture and an exquisite finish definitely goes well hand in hand.

Client Oriented

Roméo design our fountain pens with a bottom up approach. Adding features that you truly need at the best price possible. A pen designed for you, by you.

Roméo’s Fountain Pens


Our Nibs

We have a range of nibs from 14k solid gold points to austenitic stainless steel, tipped with an iridium bead to ensure durability and stability.


Our body designs

We have a range of sizes to fit the palm of your hands, and different materials from plastic (lightweight) to steel (heavy for a reassuring heft).

Affordable Fountain Pens By Leading Experts