Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens have a beautiful history and brought writing to the masses. Petrache Poenaru, who invented the fountain pen, was just the beginning of the evolution of fine writing instruments. Till date, fountain pens have been redesigned, tweaked and improved to better suit the needs of the modern consumer.


Compared to ballpoints and fine line markers,

      • Fountain pens are thick with comfortable grip sections and require little to no pressure to lay down a fully saturated line. This means reducing hand fatigue for students and consistency in creating solid lines for artists.

      • Fountain pens’ writing properties will always remain the same. A carefully selected one will be able to last a lifetime. You do not need to worry about dealing with discontinued pen models or running out of stock. Every part of a fountain pen from the precious nib to its ink can be easily replaced, while keeping the main body intact.

      • Fountain pens can also vary their line widths on paper. This allows for different styles to be created just by changing the writing pressure.

      • Fountain pens’ inks are available in a wide range of chemical compositions. They could be resistant to water, light, chemicals such as acetone, or anything else you could think of.  So whether you’re looking to ensure that your meeting notes don’t run off during a light spell of rain, or whether you’re looking to archive your journals for your great grandchildren, or you’re just trying to make your cheques forgery proof, you’ve probably got an ink to fit the bill.

      • The sheer variety of inks and pens to suit your mood and writing situation makes writing with a fountain pen the ultimate joy!


I could write a whole glossary just on the terms and terminology used in the fountain pen world, but that’s not my goal here. My goal is simply to give you the most basic definitions you’ll need to understand the rest of this article.

The Nib

The nib is the part of the pen that touches the paper, and that the ink comes out of. On most pens it will be stainless steel, and on higher end pens it will be gold. One of the first decisions you make when purchasing a fountain pen is the size of its nib tip.

The nib tip will determine how much ink is released with each stroke, determining the thickness of each line. The nibs range from extra fine to bold. Certain nibs work better with certain inks, and certain handwriting styles. Experiment with different nib tips and nib materials to find the one that suits you better.

Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens

The Cartridge

A cartridge is the reservoir of ink that you can replace with another once it runs out.

The convenience of popping in a new cartridge when you are out of ink saves a lot of time.

The downside is that it costs much more to constantly replace your cartridges than to simply refill your pen with ink using a converter.

Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens

The Converter

A converter changes a cartridge filling system into refillable solution. Essentially, consumers can now refill their ink from whichever ink bottles they fancy without being forced to purchase the cartridge from that same particular company.

Here at Roméo, we believe that consumers should be given the cheapest and most time-saving alternative. Hence, all our pens are equipped with converters and comes with a free bottle of ink for your convenience.

Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens

We hope you gained a bit more insight about the functions and components of a fountain pen. Plunging into the world of fountain pens by yourself can be a fearful decision, hence we strive to remove some of the intimidation and false starts that you may face.

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