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Transform your dull old pens to one with shiny metals and streamlined design with the most affordable fountain pens in Singapore.


Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens

Your Essential Guide to Fountain Pens

Why write with fountain pens? When should one use them and what are the different types of pens?

Here are some quick rules of thumb to get you started on how to choose the perfect fountain pen that will suit your individual personality and writing style!

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Fountain Pens: the perfect gift for your loved ones

You want a gift that expresses sincerity and something unique to your relationship. But you don’t want to gift something impractical that’s going to sit on the desk for weeks before being shunted into a cupboard.

Here are 5 reasons they’ll love a Roméo Fountain Pen

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Roméo Fountain Pen - Singapore's Most Affordable Fountain Pens

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